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About Our Wood Urns

Our urns are made out of genuine North American hardwoods (cherry, oak, walnut, & maple). We use a clear wood finish, never stained, which highlights the natural wood beauty. Wood tones & grains vary making each urn as unique as your pet!

Walnut Urn with Engraved Oval Frame

About Our Frames

Beautiful Engraving Options

We offer multiple frame options with a variety of openings including rectangles, ovals, circles, and a variety of hearts. Most of these frames have the option to be personalized.

User Friendly Frames & Design

The frames have a 'pop out' feature that makes it easy to insert the pictures. Included with each urn is a piece of glass that separates the photo from outside elements. Behind that, a panel, that is easily removed using a Phillips head screwdriver, allows for secure/easy storage of cremation ashes

Information About Wood Types

Cherry | Oak | Maple | Walnut

Most people are familiar with woods that have been stained.  We find the beauty in the natural wood colors, not staining any of our products but letting a clear wood finish highlight the natural wood beauty.  The result is wood grains and tones in each of our urns is unique.  Our lumber is purchased from lumber companies in the Midwest who work with us in selecting high quality lumber.


Natural cherry comes in a variety of tones, anywhere from a light golden or caramel tone to pinkish tones.  Over time as it is exposed to light, cherry develops a beautiful warm, reddish brown tone that lasers well.


Ranges in color from a creamy white, yellow/tan, to a caramel tone. It is excellent for lasering.


Walnut is our darkest wood.  It can vary from a pale brown to a dark, chocolate color brown, usually with darker brown streaks in it. Some of the walnut may have a grey, purple, or reddish cast to it.  Walnut also lasers well.


Oak tones can range from light gold to a reddish gold. The grain of oak is typically straight with a course, uneven texture.  Note: This particular wood grain can cause uneven engraving.

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